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Item: 1000

Detailed Information

Air Lift products can be engineered to fit almost any coil or leaf spring suspension for passenger cars, light trucks, motorhomes, race cars, street rods, military vehicles and specialty vehicles of all types. Air Lift products are helper air springs so you can enjoy the ride and handling of your vehicle at work or play.

Air Lift Air Springs are custom tuned to the Vehicle Make and Model.

Air LIft 1000
60000/80000 Series for smaller SUVs

Eliminate "bottoming out" and improve ride, handling and stability. The Air Lift 1000 kits are engineered as an add-on helper spring for coil spring suspensions, front or rear. Custom tune the ride you want, whether you're hauling, towing or riding light! Made with tough, long-lasting molded polyurethane.

Features and benefits of Air Lift 1000

  • Fits open coil springs, front or rear.

  • Up to 1,000 pounds of leveling capacity.*

  • Reduces roll, sway and bottoming out.

  • Tough molded polyurethane construction.

  • Quick connecting easy-to-use engineered polymer air fittings.

  • Add support to rear springs on many popular SUVs.

  • Replaces OEM front air springs on P-30 motor homes.

  • Front end support for snowplows, winches, etc.

  • Improves muscle car traction for drag racing.

  • Improves ride and handling for full-size vans and trucks with front coils.

  • Air adjustable for the ride you want.

  • Two year limited warranty, no mileage limitation

*Never exceed manufacturer's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating