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Transfer Flow Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

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Detailed Information
Transfer Flow's Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combos are Available in 30 and 50 Gallons

Available for Dodge, Ford, and GM pickups, our toolbox and fuel tank systems are available in 30 and 50 gallons! They're the all-in-one auxiliary fuel tank and storage box!

The fuel tank, constructed of 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance, is mounted inside the shell of the bright aluminum diamond plate toolbox. The fuel fill access is located on the driver's side of the pickup on the front of the toolbox. The fuel tank system comes complete with all components needed for installation. Press here for dimensions! The 30 gallon unit has a storage space of 5 1/2 cubic feet, while the 50 gallon unit has a whopping 9 cubic feet of storage space!

Includes Dash-Mounted LCD Display!
Our toolbox and fuel tank combos operate with our patented Trax-IIĀ® operating system. Trax-II is a computer controlled system that includes a dash-mounted LCD. The LCD displays the gallons in the main tank, the auxiliary tank, the vehicle's combined gallonage, and the operational status of the vehicle's fuel system! It will also show on the LCD when fuel is being pumped from the auxiliary tank to the main tank.


  • Available for Dodge, Ford, and GM pickups.

  • Diesel AND gas systems available.

  • Available in 30 and 50 gallons.

  • Complete fuel tank system.

  • Computer controlled by Trax-II.

  • LCD displays gallons in main and auxiliary tanks.

  • Aluminized steel fuel tank.

  • Fuel tank has two baffles.

  • Toolbox is 1/8" thick diamond plate.

  • Large storage area.

  • Locking stainless steel paddle handles.

  • Meets federal and California Air Resources Board emissions regulations.

  • Won't interfere with fifth wheel hitch.

  • Comes with 3 year/36000 mile warranty.