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B&W Tow&Stow

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Item: 6, 8, &10

Detailed Information

  • 10,000 lb GVWR / 1,000 lb MTW

  • Eliminate the need for multiple ball mounts

  • Stows under the vehicle when not in use

  • Keeps the hitch out of the way of shins and garage doors

  • Manufactured from steel for a lifetime of reliable towing

  • Fits any standard 2 inch receiver hitch

  • Rotate the ball to the desired size

  • Raise or lower the hitch in one inch increments for a safe level tow

  • Tri-ball mount is 1 7/8" x 2" x 2 5/16"

  • Dual Ball is available in 2 5/16" x 2" or 1 7/8" x 2"

  • Four High Quality Accessories Available

  • Powder coated for a durable and long lasting finish

  • Tow & Stow with Browning Logo is also available

The only Receiver Hitch you'll ever need.

The Tow & Stow Receiver Hitch offers the same high quality construction, reliability, strength, and versatility that B&W is known for. Because it is adjustable in height(in one-inch increments) and has multiple ball sizes, the Tow & Stow is truly the only hitch you'll ever need.

Have you ever knocked your shin on a bumper hitch or shut your garage door on it?

We have. That's why we think the stowing feature is one of the best features of the Tow & Stow. Just by pulling two pins, the hitch can be stowed out of the way. The hitch has a single locking point, too, so with just one lock you can be sure it will be there, ready to pull whatever comes your way.

We manufacture the Tow & Stow in three different models: Model 6, Model 8, and Model 10. The 'model' size does not designate the amount of 'drop' provided in each hitch. Click here to see a description of how 'drop' is calculated , and here to see a 'drop' chart illustrating the amount of adjustability in each model of Tow & Stow.

Also available as a Pintle Hitch.

The Tow & Stow Pintle Hitch has the same high quality construction and great features as the Tow & Stow Receiver Hitch. The Pintle offers a 14.5" vertical height adjustment, giving you the perfect tow every time. Use the Tow & Stow as a Pintle or Standard Ball mount and easily hook up to any trailer.