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Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar

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Item: RM520

Detailed Information
The Falcon 2 has all the best features of the original Falcon (5250) including Roadmaster's Autowlok System, which allows independent adjustment of each arm during hookup and safely locks the arms into position as you drive away, creating an easy one person hookup solution. Also carried over are the solid, stainless steel arms with internal safety collars, and an attractive durable powder coat finish.
Roadmaster's Autowlock System

The Falcon 2's motor home mount allows it to be inserted into the receiver, relieving the restrictions of a ball mount or coupler. This allows the tow bar to travel up to 6" out of level via the swivel joint and special bushings, giving you more freedom to choose what you want to tow.

What's new?

An attractive, streamlined design with colorful, eye-catching graphics for those who admire good looks. Also new are guards to prevent pinching when storing the tow bar. Best of all, there’s a new patented storage latch. When you’re done towing the Falcon 2 you can store it on either side of the hitch receiver by simply folding the bar towards the motor home; it automatically locks into place, no muscling required.

The Falcon 2 is also stronger. Now rated at 6,000 lbs., it's strong enough for most towed vehicles. If you need more a more robust tow bar, the new 10,000 lb. rated Blackhawk 2 All-Terrain Towbar should tow just about any vehicle on the road today.